Having no experience installing a pool table, I was apprehensive about the prospect of doing it myself, but I live in a rural area and wasn't sure I would be able to afford professional installation.  I was able to get everything I needed including the cloth color I wanted and much appreciated guidance.  Was apprehensive when I was told I needed new bumpers installed, but reluctantly decided to purchase those as well.  Turns out, once I uncovered the rails, sure enough, the majority of the bumpers had hardened and needed replaced.  Saved me a bunch of time by having the materials on hand.  These guys definitely know what they are doing!  Thank you so much!!!

Christopher Merry
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These guys are awesome.  They seriously could have sold me the $3,000 table, but they talked me into a $1600 table that they said was better quality.  


They were right.  Plus you get this cute old man that comes out and puts your table together by hand.  This is where you should buy a pool table if you're in the market.

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